Here at Pacific Labels we love cans…

More often than not, we love lots of beer in cans………along with cider, coffee and seltzers.


When we’re on the job we love to print labels that are destined to go on cans & show off the fantastic & creative artworks that have become the norm in branding canned products these days.


We have knife lines ready to go for all the can sizes & variants in the market today. It takes just 5 easy steps to get your products labelled up and ready for sale;

  • Pick your can size
  • Tell us whether you want to use a white material or if you have a shiny metallic look you want to achieve, we’ll use silver material.
  • Next it’s down to the finish being either matte or gloss.
  • Let us know your quantity and we’ll confirm a price.
  • Send us your order along with your artwork and our prepress magicians will start the process on bringing your art to life in printed form!

Are you ready to get started? 

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